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      Windows Programming

      by admin
      Welcome to this board!
      Welcome to the Windows forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related t...
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      Unicode Headache
      This Windows Unicode business is about to drive me to the point of throwing this computer through th...
      [13 replies] Last: To learn from petzhold you first need convert all the sample API's int... (by malibor)
      Different outputs using URLDownloadToFile
      Hi, first time here, new programmer. I am trying to download online html pages and then search aft...
      [2 replies] Last: It's best to use an external downloader (like curl or wget) rather tha... (by kbw)
      To debug application using .dmp file in Visual Studio?
      [no replies]
      C++ array questions
      Hi. I'm a newbie in programming and I'm having difficulty on how I can apply an array on my project....
      [3 replies] Last: Try this: int data = { {1, 2, 3, 4}, {1, 2, 3, 4}, {0, 0... (by Guercio1)
      by Ovid
      Is there a better way of using Live-Share?
      My friend and I try to collaborate using Live-Share of Visual Studio. There are certain problems wit...
      [2 replies] Last: Yes, the issues are from Visual Studio 2019. But thank you for your h... (by Ovid)
      by gomi
      How to handle input based on keyboard language ?
      Hello, I have a Win32 Direct2D program which allows me write text on screen. I found a way to print ...
      [6 replies] Last: WCHAR wc1 = L"RU J LETTER: \u0436"; This fixed the issue on direct2... (by gomi)
      by Odglog
      Printing text with transparent background
      Hi I'm creating a text console application. I have a function that takes a SMALL_RECT and fills the...
      [3 replies] Last: Thanks everyone for the help! I'll check this http://www.shenglain.com... (by Odglog)
      by Juicej
      How do i convert time to string, using the localtime_s() function?
      I switched from DevC++ to Microsoft Visual Studio while working on a project. MVS suggested that I ...
      [3 replies] Last: Another option: std::string now() { time_t rawtime = time(0); tm... (by Learner2)
      by Juicej
      How do I create multiple windows to display different text.
      Good Day Good Men and Women, I was tasked with creating a main window and three other windows. Th...
      [3 replies] Last: So I tried it, not sure how the windows should come up though. Can yo... (by Juicej)
      by LJ34
      Clearing the console in C++
      I'm using Notepad++ and NppExec to begin writing c++ code, and I was wondering how I could clear the...
      [4 replies] Last: cout << "\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n ......" will clear the scr... (by jonnin)
      STL c++
      Hello everyone, Can someone suggest me some advanced exercices about stl in C++! Thank you
      [1 reply] : How do you define "advanced?" Any particular area of the STL? The ST... (by Furry Guy)
      Fing click mosue winapi
      Hello, Please help, I’ve been suffering for the fourth day to find out when the mouse button is...
      [11 replies] Last: Did you even bother to look at the link Ganado gave you? What you thi... (by Furry Guy)
      by slava
      Win32 API - Best way to create costom buttons
      So, I have a button I created with CreateWindowEx, but I want to make it a little prettier, with a d...
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      by schala
      Print Driver Resolution and Debugging
      Hello, I am .NET Developer but got assigned this C++ Code writing/enhancing/troubleshooting a le...
      [12 replies] Last: I'm a one person company with only so much free time. I'm a freelance... (by salem c)
      JNI dll crashing app after injection
      Hello, why my app crash after injecting this dll? I got this code from Visual Studio Debugger: U...
      [6 replies] Last: Without console it crashing too. This error probably is caused by sth ... (by jacapiwsko)
      Multiprocessing socket sharing
      I m trying to write a program that will use mutliprocess architercture. I want to listen for connec...
      [1 reply] : For Windows, do a search for "winsock server example" and "winsock cli... (by kbw)
      by JEvans
      "External exception EO434352" on class instantiation
      The below function comes from a C++/CLI project where I'm wrapping a C# library in a C++ library. Th...
      [3 replies] Last: Thanks. I was able to resolve the strcpy error (stupid mistake - I had... (by JEvans)
      Why a reference again?
      Hi, all I following lessons in this book. I am learning the concepts taught. Sometimes when I put it...
      [4 replies] Last: Hey, @jonnin super helpful. You nailed it for me. I see what you mean.... (by bistelA0005)
      CTreeCtrl find item by text
      Can someone help me , please I try to iterate the CTreeCtrl and get item with specified text, but af...
      [1 reply] : https://mariusbancila.ro/blog/2007/06/29/finding-an-item-in-a-ctreectr... (by kbw)
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