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      UNIX/Linux Programming

      by admin
      Welcome to this board!
      Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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      How can I check if any thread is asleep? and how to wake them up?
      Following is the question, "Implement an "alarm clock" class. Threads call "Alarm:GoToSleepFor(int...
      [3 replies] Last: Just use sleep. The only tricky part is that sleep can return early, s... (by dhayden)
      by ravss2
      Problem running IPC(Msg Q) on two terminals
      Hi, I am trying to run two processes one to send and other to receive few messages using message...
      [9 replies] Last: It makes sense for every user to have their own /tmp (including it see... (by salem c)
      Hanging on fscanf of pipe (1,2)
      So I’ve been making a little class that is supposed to allow me to use an sql repl, but I’ve bee...
      [23 replies] Last: WORKS!! thank you guys so much for helping me out I very much a... (by highwayman)
      Exporting xcode project
      I have built a mac application that runs as intended on my mac. Now I am trying to make a standalone...
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      Mac Executable Difficulty
      I have been working on a game using SDL2 and the Soloud audio library using VSCode with clang as my ...
      [4 replies] Last: Thanks a lot for your help, I have managed to find a way to make this ... (by dangerawaits)
      Find char sequence inside char array
      Hello i am trying to make a program witch will find a sequence of chars inside char array, but my pr...
      [2 replies] Last: You really should use the code format tags, code's pretty much unreada... (by kbw)
      Creating pipe,fork,exec, dup
      Please help! this is the assign: The purpose of this assignment is to make sure that the students c...
      [3 replies] Last: Here's one example. #include <iostream> #include <sstream> #include ... (by salem c)
      How to return a signal from child process and how to set an alarm?
      Please see the following question, Write a program that creates a child process using fork (). Th...
      [2 replies] Last: while the parent waits for the signal from the child process Maybe th... (by dhayden)
      by alexBB
      Screen capture in Linux (Ubuntu)
      I wonder if there is code to copy that would help to capture screens of webcams, not the computer sc...
      [3 replies] Last: Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. Very helpful. So far I've used... (by alexBB)
      by kbw
      c++ 3 games programming
      You probably want to post this in the Windows Programming section.
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      by AL88
      What libraries for file search
      What libraries would i need to write a file searching program for linux? Thanks.
      [12 replies] Last: you mean not show folders at all? rewire the logic there to: if it is... (by jonnin)
      by gggg
      Jgrasp problem
      I need help. How do I get Jgrasp to run a program on a Linux terminal?
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      When to start counting (to test module load time)
      Hi, I made a c program to load a module and create a /proc file that will show the number of seco...
      [2 replies] Last: Thank you. And it was right! I was pleasantly surprised. (by jjordan33)
      timeout on write() for linux pipe
      How can I set timeout for write() on linux pipe ? example code: int fd_pipe = open("/run/some/...
      [4 replies] Last: That isn't what you asked for. You asked for a write timeout. That c... (by kbw)
      by elb
      unix C++ solution to getch() question
      This post asks about the equivalent of getch() from <conio.h>. http://www.shenglain.com/forum/unices...
      [3 replies] Last: You need to test if the input stream has anything to read. You can do... (by kbw)
      Fork and execute (1,2)
      Hi, so I'm slowly trying to wrap my head around creating my own shell simulator. As far as I can und...
      [20 replies] Last: Thanks for responding to this! I always want to know how to better cod... (by jjordan33)
      error linking boost library to cmake
      I am trying to link boost library to my c++ project using cmake. Here is the cmakelists.txt file: c...
      [1 reply] : you are not linking against boost libraries target_link_libraries(${... (by ne555)
      making member required
      I have a struct : struct Vector { vector<pair<int,int>> pnts; int ind; } When i use this struct...
      [1 reply] : It's hard to figure out what you are trying to do. Could you give us ... (by elb)
      by FoxMan
      XML booleans and loops proccesed on C++
      I have an XML file that contains a structure with loops and booleans expressions, but as this XML fi...
      [1 reply] : I need to interpret this Right: there's your starting place. There ... (by mbozzi)
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