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      General C++ Programming

      by admin
      Welcome to this board!
      Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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      "Shortcut" a command
      I have something like this: class RGBMatrix{ int Matrix ; //STUFF } I want to be able, if possib...
      [2 replies] Last: how do i use the insert Code format? When you click reply there clic... (by malibor)
      by cdl99
      Program reports number of characters to make shape
      Hello, first time here. I have a program that creates a half pyramid shape using the "*" symbol. The...
      [1 reply] : just put a variable into second for loop that will count asterisks unt... (by malibor)
      Void function reset
      Is there a way to set up a reset code using void to jump back up in place after a certain line of co...
      [3 replies] Last: "continue" (by TheToaster)
      Character choosing
      I am having a problem with implementing the choosing of the character with the rest of my code. Inst...
      [2 replies] Last: Thank you jonnin I got it working now I have one last question what is... (by icecody12)
      Derived class member function not being called (1,2)
      So I posted a very similar question previously about this, but a fix that worked at the time has not...
      [24 replies] Last: Oh man thank you so much!! I never would have got this otherwise (by zakinithos)
      Parallel WRITE calls in parallel in C WRITE test code
      Hi all , I am writing READ and WRITE test codes in C to read and write the data to a stor...
      [3 replies] Last: yes, that should work if you do it right. this is identical to my th... (by jonnin)
      How to display two decimals places in the final result?
      How do I make the final result display two decimal places? (since I am working with money.) and if ...
      [1 reply] : Don't double post: http://cplusplus.com/forum/general/269977/ And don... (by Ganado)
      so I was given an input file where they gave me the following information #ofentries fruitname:col...
      [1 reply] : http://www.shenglain.com/reference/istream/istream/getline/ to read e... (by salem c)
      how to force derived class to implement virtual functions of another class
      class A { Public: virtual void A1() = 0; virtual void A2() = 0; } class B { public: ...
      [3 replies] Last: Thanks for the help (by Scarletpimp)
      Decrease int value in member function
      I am trying to build a dungeon crawler type game. I have figured out movement, and damage from attac...
      [10 replies] Last: @Ganado, it was the Buddha who spoke first about the middle way. (by Learner2)
      pls urgent
      3- Write the program that finds whether the number entered on the keyboard is missing or not. (The...
      [1 reply] : You need a better translator. Try deficient number https://en.wikipe... (by lastchance)
      log N time complexity of a graph
      ( Graph / Union find) Hi guys, I'm studying a course on algorithms, the proposition is prove that...
      [17 replies] Last: Let's start by summarizing the tree structure and the merge algorithm:... (by dhayden)
      Cannot Use std::bind
      I have a class called SoundThreadManager. It defines a function: void Init(f_GetSoundSample...
      [6 replies] Last: Thanks for you help. This is a great forum, for noobs like me to ask q... (by Manannan)
      Pulling info from a file and creating an object
      Hello I am pretty new in regards to fstream and file manipulation. So I have a hw problem where I am...
      [11 replies] Last: You may wish to further re-factor the design and implementation of thi... (by jwin)
      Print out each element from a node in binary tree by using format of output
      I have a question about a node in a binary tree. I saw some tutorials about this topic on the Intern...
      [1 reply] : 1. What is a "derivative class"? 2. How do Setting, Display, Sound a... (by doug4)
      How to take input as fractional number without using float/double data type?
      Is it possible to take a decimal number as input from the user without using float/double data type?...
      [5 replies] Last: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= (by lastchance)
      Homework [Help]
      I'm still not understanding how to fix the c++ code that was asked by my prof. She asked us to com...
      [1 reply] : Also here http://www.shenglain.com/forum/beginner/269978/ Don't post ... (by salem c)
      passing arrays as function
      Instructions Note: Some data input to this program and some program output depends on your name. If...
      [3 replies] Last: you can pass an array to a function as a pointer or you can use hard c... (by jonnin)
      How to display two decimals places in the final result
      This is my first time posting on this website so bare with me How do I make the final result disp...
      [1 reply] : The compiler isn't reading from a file, your program is.* while ... (by Ganado)
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